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Aesthetic Dentistry

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Laminated Dental Veneers

Since porcelain is prepared as a very thin layer, its light transmission and its reflectance is very close to the natural tooth and it provides excellent aesthetics thanks to this feature.

There is only a need to open a small hole on tooth.

There is no need for a tooth be over-cut.

Porcelain surfaces will be extremely smooth and will minimize stains and tooth stones due to cigarettes and similar reasons.

It is quite fragile as a material. However, when fully adhered to the enamel, its resistance to tensile and tensile forces increases. Hot-cold sensitivity does not improve with its insulating properties.

Zircon Teeth Veneers

Zirconium is very similar to the natural tooth structure because they spend the light. Since there is no metal in the substructure, there is no dark line at the crown-gum level. A more aesthetic image is provided. Zirconium bottom porcelain can be used in the front teeth as well as aesthetics, as well as the back teeth are so strong that they can be used safely. These systems increase the quality of life of the person.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an application that is extremely satisfactory with visual results. Teeth whitening process has no disadvantages in terms of dental health. The best example of this is that we have practiced tooth whitening for ourselves. Teeth whitening process is applied in our 18 years old and above. The effect is long lasting. After the application of whitening, there is no return of the tooth color. However, because of genetic reasons, such as the use of drugs, we cannot get results in 5%.


Apart from these, detertive (tooth cleaning) is enough to remove the effects of teeth on the teeth. However, if the individual wants to repeat, the procedure can be applied again only after 2 years.

Venerkron Dental Veneers

The dentures, which are called covering or denture between the people, are artificial teeth which are made to be able to perform chewing and speech functions in order to eliminate the lost teeth or aesthetic disorders for various reasons. Porcelain veneers is one of the main applications in order to save the outside.


Changing the color or shape of the tooth is the addition to the tooth to enlarge or treat a defect. The materials used for this purpose (microfil agents) are attached to the outer surface of the natural tooth and shape and color defects can be easily removed.

Laser Treatment

With laser treatment, it is possible to shorten your structurally long gums and to make your existing teeth longer and aesthetic. The arrangement of the smile line for aesthetic purposes is a maximum result, especially in patients who appear very gingival