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Root Canal Treatment and Endodontics

Canal Treatment and Endodontics

First of all, it should be noted that no artificial teeth are replaced by natural teeth. Therefore, we treat the natural teeth until the end point. One of the most well-known protection methods is the treatment of canal when one of the teeth is sick. The canal treatment helps protect the damaged teeth. Pulp (nerve, blood, soft layer inside the tooth with lymphatic vessels) dies when damaged in such a way that it cannot repair itself. This is usually caused by bacteria in broken teeth or deep caries. Bacteria, in essence, cause inflammation. If the damaged or diseased pulp is not removed, the teeth and surrounding tissues are exposed to infection.

And at the end, the risk of tooth loss is met. If the canal treatment is not done, the infection can reach to the tissues at the root end. The jawbone surrounding the female is also inflamed by inflammation. An abscess is formed in this space. This table is accompanied by pain and work and the tooth is lost in a short time. Short-line canal treatment is a form of treatment where pulp is damaged. In the past years, the only solution was the disease when faced with the soft tooth layer, but today it is possible to treat these teeth.