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Short Stay Unit

Operating Room and Post-Surgery Clinic Room

General Anesthesia & Conscious Sedation

Turkey is very important in the field of Oral and Dental Health observed in our operating room and anesthesia and observation, reanimation specialist, nurse, anesthesiologist convenience. All processes are performed under sedation and anesthesia units in our center. * Conscious Sedation is a type of pain management which is frequently used in many medical fields all over the world. There are no known side effects. With this effective and reliable method that can be applied to people of all ages, the fear and stress you feel in the dental treatment leaves you with pleasant and beautiful feelings. The dental structures, oral, dental discomfort, etc., in the mouth with the effect of post-op drugs. This situation will facilitate the arrival of the patient in subsequent treatment.

It is possible to perform many dental treatments in a single session (such as shots, fillings). Recently, all vital signs of the patients in medicine are very close and the side effects of the drugs used in anesthesia are very low and they are rapidly excreted from the body. In addition, with current medical technology, both anesthesia devices and patient monitoring can be followed. For these reasons, complications associated with anesthesia (general or sedation) are very rare. Patients who are hungry for fasting at least 8 hours (such as fasting) are the most important rules that must be adhered to in order not to experience anesthesia complications.