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    • What is Debonding?

      This method, which is an alternative to porcelain laminates, is the reshaping of teeth with composite resins by means of agents called bonding.

    • Is Debonding harmful to the teeth?

      The most important advantage is that it is applied to the tooth tissue without any loss if there is no tooth decay.

    • What is Porcelain Lamina Veneer?

      It is a very thin leaf-shaped porcelain, especially used in the front teeth.

    • Is Porcelain Lamina Veneer Fall?

      A successful porcelain lamina compatible with tooth and successful bonding technique do not cause such problems.

    • What is Smile Design?

      In smile design, medicine and art are applied together and the people find the ideal smile. With smile design, you can have a healthy smile by combining your personal wishes with health.

    • What can be done to eliminate tooth deficits?

      Implant, fixed dentures, removable dentures will help to eliminate tooth deficiencies.

    • What is Implant?

      Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. They are placed in the areas where you have missing teeth and imitates your natural teeth with a dental prosthesis.

    • What is Fixed Prosthesis?

      In the absence of one or more teeth, the prosthesis which are made for the restoration of the teeth can be used in the mouth and with the support of the implants you can have healthy tooth tissue instead of the loss teeth.

    • What is a sensitive prosthesis?

      These are prostheses which are produced as an alternative to porcelain prostheses in patients who have a lack of tooth and who cannot be implanted.

    • Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

      Teeth whitening does not cause any harm in the physician's control when it is made with the help of quality gels and devices. Also it provides individuals healthy teeth and gums.

    • What is Orthodontic Treatment?

      It is a treatment to guide the development of the jaw and face and remove the distortion of the teeth.

    • Will it damage the teeth when removing the braces?

      When removing the braces, the adhesive that provides the tooth surface and braces together is easily separated. After removal of the braces, cleaning and polishing is carried out on the tooth surface. The enamel layer protecting your teeth is not damaged.